One Word Story

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Here is a game you can play with kids who are old enough to understand a little bit about what a story is. It is a great game for playing in the car or while waiting. Establish an order in which people will speak – a circle is ideal, but you don’t need a circle if people can remember who they come after. The group is going to tell a story together, but each person may only say one word before it is the next person’s turn.

The trick is that each person must accept whatever gets said before their turn and is not allowed to push other people into taking the story in the direction they were thinking of.

To help get things started, you can ask one person for one or two words about what the story should be about.

To bring the story to an end, people can be encouraged, when they feel the story could or should end, to start a new sentence with “The”. If the next person has the same sense, they can say “end” or “moral”. Once the story gets to “The moral” than then group is expected to state the moral of the story and bring it to an end.

The younger your kids, the more likely the structure of the story will be ridiculous. As kids get older, they get better at putting together the sentences and paragraphs of a story, but the content is still liable to go off in silly directions. From time to time, a serious story gets told. These are all good.

Give it a try. See what happens.

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