Make Your Children Wait

This is a variation on a technique one of my kids’ kindergarten teacher used so she could get some paperwork done. Modify it as necessary if you have babies or kids with special needs. You can get some of the same benefit if you make an adult wait. For example, if the phone rings at an inconvenient time.

Find something you already own that you like but rarely wear. Hats and scarves work well.  Tell your family that they are not to talk to you while you are wearing it unless there is an emergency. Wear it for at least 5 minutes. You may need to reward them for following instructions on this one if they aren’t used to waiting, and you may need to do it a few times as practice. Remember to take your item off when you go back to talking to the family.

Try these variations and notice what they are like:

  • Wear it while you are on the phone
  • Wear it while you are sitting down with a book, a cup of coffee, or other restful activity
  • Wear it while you are cooking
  • Wear it when they are doing tasks they are capable of doing by themselves