Easy Focus Game

Here is a game you don’t need to tell your kids that you are playing with them.

Find a time when you are with your kids but you are working on something without them. Maybe you are folding laundry or cooking while they are playing or doing homework. Maybe you are knitting and they are playing soccer. Maybe they are doing one household chore and you are doing another.

Open your awareness to the whole space, wide enough that you are aware of that the kids are doing. Don’t focus on any one kid, or even on the kids themselves. Just let the kids be part of the environment.

Let your awareness be soft.

Notice how you experience the presence of your kids when they are in your soft, open, peripheral vision rather than the centre of your intense focus.

What is that like?

Try it a few times. Is it sometimes hard to relax into that easy focus? When is it easy to find that ease?