These are the resources accompanying the free 6-week course Self-Care For Frazzled Parents. If you came here from any source other than that course, please register for the course for access to the complete materials and explanations of how to use them to bring more joy to parenting. You can register here.

Week One

Sigh and Release:

Compassionate Imagination

Gentle Hug for Yourself: Give yourself a gentle hug – wrap your arms around your torso and squeeze gently. It may feel silly at first, but give it a try and see if it makes you feel better. The “advanced” practice is to give yourself an hug while taking a deep breath and letting it out on a sigh.

Reflection Questions: Why is it important for me to take care of myself? Why did you sign up for this course? What are you missing in your life?

Week One Practice Activities

Week Two

The Physical Feeling Called Grace

One Word Story

Find Something Beautiful in Your Surroundings: After you Sigh and Release, pay attention to your surroundings and see if you notice any beauty. Enjoy any beauty you notice.

Reflection Questions: When have I experienced grace in my body? What was I doing? Are there any of those grace-triggers that I could do more of in my life now?

Week Two Practice Activities

Week Three

Easy Focus

Easy Focus Game

InterPlay Movement

Reflection Questions What battles am I fighting with my kids that I can let go of?

Week Three Practice Activities


Week Four


Game: Build a Machine

Find a Moment of Stillness

Reflection Question: Is there somewhere in my day that I can take a little stillness for myself?

Week Four Practice Activities


Week Five


Make Each Other Laugh Hour

Reflection Questions: What do I find funny? Is there a funny side to something I have been taking very seriously?

Treat Yourself to Something Funny Today


Week Six

The Rhythm of Your Day: Routines

Shape Dancing

Reflection Questions: What routines do I need for myself? What things happen with the kids that throw me off my patterns? Do I sacrifice routines I need for things my kids want? Do I need times when I can be spontaneous but I feel hedged in by the schedules of my kids? What small rituals can I put into my day to centre myself?

Take Care of Yourself: Make Your Children Wait


Resources to Keep Taking Care of Yourself After the Course

6-weeks is enough time to build the foundation of a habit if you have used these tools consistently. However, if you need support for implementing habits of self-care, I am available to help you. I offer personal consulting and group classes and activities.

If you are having difficulty incorporating these practices into your life and would like personal support, email me to schedule a personal strategy session.

My current group offerings are listed at the Self-Compassionate Parent website.

The Self-Compassionate Parent Facebook page has a growing resource of materials related to taking care of yourself while parenting. You can ask me questions there.

Most of the ideas and activities in this class have a foundation in InterPlay. InterPlay classes, playgroups, untensives, etc. are great ways to deepen your practice of self-care. If you are near Oshawa, Ontario, my class schedule is available at ImprovLiving. To learn about classes offered in other parts of the world, visit the BodyWisdom, Inc. website at If you are interested in exploring the physical practices of InterPlay and there are no classes near you listed on the website, send email to me and I can help you.

And finally, if this course has helped you, please let your friends know about it. They can sign up for themselves at

May your parenting adventures be fun and joy-filled, whatever life throws at you.

Kate Arms-Roberts